five years

and now
I think there is something quite lovely about the fact that my very first blog post - five years ago to the day - was accompanied by a picture of me sitting in field of clover in the french countryside. This evening we walked out to one of neighbouring fields of our suburb and sat awhile.

a french field dotted with wild grasses and queen anne's lace.

In the last five years, I have documented on here a journey of sorts as a self-taught artist, baker, storyteller. I've shared tales of travels, studying, picnics and train trips, memories of the past, poetry, finding faith, odes to the seasons, heartbreak, falling in love, marrying, moving aboard, carrying and birthing my little boy...

More than that I have learnt to slow down and live presently. To enjoy the everyday and find beauty where it reveals itself, often in such understated,
quiet ways:
the sky's palette and sounds of wind,
paint spilled on concrete,
rusting iron,
afternoon shadows.

Sometimes I do feel at odds with myself here. I struggle with what to say, or show you... I wonder if I've become too repediative, monotonous, distant. I need to take breaks every now again - to catch my breath, to enjoy without needing to "capture" or "relay" but I always find myself drawn back here;  to my journal of living presently, of finding joy.

I have come to know so many truly blooming brilliant people in and about this space. students, mothers, adventurers, silversmiths, artists and writers alike. I catch myself surprised and inspired on a regular basis by you who blog too and share your lives, art, ideas, moods with me and the world. You are so dear, kindred, soul-soothing.

And to those who stop by here and leave comments and encouragements, they mean so much to me, and so often come at exactly the right moment, with the best words.

I know there are many of you who silently stop by, but to mark this anniversary I would love, my dear readers, you to leave a comment letting me know;

where in the world you're reading this,
what your comforting drink of choice is,
your favourite colour -
and what you like to read best on here...

over and out,
emily clare
your devoted sketchy, oft-rambling friend