I have been in desperate need
for a while now to consciously,
intentionally make space
in my life
in my thoughts,
in my preoccupations,
in my heart
a de-clutter -
a spring clean if you will,
or summer clean to be precise -
a clearing out,
a letting go,
a taking hold,
breathing the stale air out,
letting the fresh air in -

I have discovered
there is no one way to do this -
in a myriad of moments
sketching, sky-gazing, silent,
baking, reading, conversing,
planting, seeking, praying,

I face those worries,
reservations, fillers, impatience,
and begin to move
with hope,
redeeming the time,
that I can be exactly who I am,
and need to -
that all progress is gradual, lifelong,
each day a lesson in grace,

and I am made for joy.