dans le jardin III

Its been a month and half since my last garden update and it really feels like the green spaces have taken on a new, grown-up phase... Lettuces have been harvested; the flowers of the tomato plants are gone and in their place are growing, and now ripening, tomatoes of the cherry and roma variety; the cucumber vines are maturing and little gerkin-sized cucumbers are growing. The japanese lawn is flowering with morning-glory like purple blooms, love in the mist, tiny poppies and other mysterious colourfuls. The nasturtiums too. The herbs are establishing themselves thick and fast. The hydrangea blue has faded into green. The lambs ears have gone to seed. The old snow-pea and bean vines were dug up and new seeds sowed in their place. Also I planted some old potatoes that were sprouting (in the cupboard) which appear to be continuing to grow in the dirt!

Ah, as we move into the autumn months the garden is breathing easy, earthy, happily it seems.

How about your neck of the woods?