Finally our little bedroom feels like home - somewhere completely and utterly relaxing, restful on the eyes and head, and heart.

We live in a tiny free standing granny-flat (that the french call "maisonette" which is far more endearing). We have one bedroom which connects onto our wee bathroom. When we arrived, over a year ago, we discovered an infestation of flying ants coming up through unsealed places in the flooring and walls. We ended up ripping up and replacing the flooring - but in the process discovered a lot more needed to be done in the bedroom; plastering up an old unused doorway, taking down the mouldy peeling wallpaper, replacing the ceiling boards, plastering and giving everything a good paint. Just recently we re-orintated our bed and bought and painted a crib for Reuben now that he's getting bigger and is constantly on the roll! Up till now he's slept with us - and while I still nurse him in bed with me - its nice to have somewhere safe and inviting for him to sleep, nap and play. 

Little things make a bedroom homey for me; art on the walls; Alex's paintings, an origami kangaroo, a beloved oil pastel of a mama and babe, postcards round the mirror... living things like an indoor plant and fresh flowers... crisp, simple bedding... something soft for my feet to meet in the mornings... books to read... and of course, my beautiful kin.

How about you - what makes your bed-space comforting for you?