an early morning story

babe awakes early today, just shy of a quarter to six.
we open the windows to let the humid air out,
and crisp breeze in -
a short play on the rug, 
a bowl of granola,
the first round of dish washing,

then we go out for a walk
the moon is high,
and street lights are shining,
we walk a familiar route to the fields, and the secret gardens,
past the government housing, construction site, synagogue,
we see the sun emerging golden on the horizon,
the mist clearing,
we come across wild blackberries,
and pick them,
then returning home the sun pierces the trees,

Its just past seven-thirty,
time for a nap,
waking papa up,
a much needed shower,
the smell of ground coffee beans,
lapsang-souchong tea,
crepes with yoghurt, lemon zest, 
and those blackberries.
a chattering boy,
good morning,
good morning, I say.