part IV: to the country

 after Brussels we ventured out into the Belgium countryside to stay in a little village and attend my cousin's wedding celebrations. he is australian and his lovely bride belgian. our accommodation was in an old converted mill, outside there was the soothing sounds of a river rushing nearby, beyond that fields of golden wheat, horses braying, and trees laden with pears and apples. Reuben came down with a cold (his first sickness) and so the nights were long and hard. But the days were slow-paced and relaxing. The wedding celebrations spanned three days with  a civil ceremony at the local police station (adorned with local art I might add) and magnificent pies afterwards, a sweet church service, a lavish reception dinner (with midnight pomme-frites and dancing till 3am I am told), plus a Sunday brunch in the garden at the bride's family home. I could have happily lived in that great, green, lush garden... prancing about the trees planted by her father and uncles; talking to the neighbouring sheep and goat; reclining in the hammock; pacing with my babe; walking hand in hand with husband; vanishing into the dappled light, rustling leaves and swaying boughs...

(credits due to my love alex and my mama for capturing some of the above moments)

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