summer is upon us and the weather has turned mild and rainy, again -
we have been outside as much as we can despite;
adding stones to our garden path,
pulling weeds, planting greens,

but mostly taking Reuben on walks in the sling
for the past week and half he has had teething pains -
truly its heart-breaking to see your otherwise cheery boy, so sad
I think the mixture of fresh air, distracting sights 
and the fabric to chew on is comforting for him.

the house is right now filled with fresh smells -
fragrant freesias,
our-very-own hydrangeas,
dahl simmering in the pot -

i've been pouring through this wonderful cookbook -
feeling inspired to get out of our wheat-and-sugar-rut
embrace different grains, beans, legumes 
and the colourful season's produce
which right now is apricots, cherries, capsicums and eggplant.... 

I wonder,
what is the weather like where you are? 
what are you reading, eating, planning for this season?