four months

(each month, noting the precious little happenings, moments, milestones)
Now you are four months old my little munchkin,

You are a very smiley soul,
You never fail to calm down when walked around the garden with papa,
You still love reading books, singing songs, being swayed from side to side
You still have deliciously chubby legs
You can really giggle now, especially when we kiss your tummy

You like the sound of your fingers scratching surfaces
You frequently test out your vocal range (and pitch)

You rub your eyes and yell a bit when you're tired
You have started to enjoy massages,
You drool a lot, hence all the bibs -
You love your diet of mama's milk, a lot
You can swivel around the floor with your legs,
You like chewing on things like fingers and your rubber giraffe
You grabbing hold of things like mama's hair or aprons on the kitchen rack

Sometimes, you gaze so serenely at your surrounds
Sometimes you can roll from your back to your tummy
Sometimes in your dreams you laugh, cry or startle
Sometimes you shock us with your high-pitched squeals of delight,

Oh baby boy, you smiley, chubby, oft-vocalising soul -
our love for you grows by the day....