Exploits of Miss Mavis X: Aurora Australis

It was Miss Mavis’ last morning at the Norwegian ice-station. Today she would set her compass north for home. She felt sorry indeed to leave her newfound kin and the crispy white scapes of Antarctica but she missed the sage green hue of her wooden house, the shade of her quince tree, the awkward sounds of birds calling in the morning, the taste of cheddar cheese....

Miss M gave each member of Is Dronning a special parting gift. To Tord an easy-to-assemble tepee kit; to Svent a set of musical spoons; to Olaf her jar of sepia ink and feather quill; to Lisbet a crocheted necklace in the shape of maple leaves; to Bridgit her knitted sweater depicting water molecules; and finally to Helga a jar of her homemade quince paste and a bottle of porter. Miss Mavis was showered with hugs and warm handshakes and a couple of sincere tears in return for her gifts and company in the weeks passed.
It was time to go - and as Miss Mavis stepped outside into the fresh Antarctic air she took a glass jar from her rucksack and scooped up a big clump of powdery white snow. Something she always longed to hold in her hands and shake, a true snow globe.

When Miss Mavis returned to her sailing teacup with its sprigged flower print and its runcible spoon mast - she could see in the distance her Norwegian friends still waving farewell. She pulled up her anchor and began to drift away on the ocean. She waved back at her friends for as long as she could make them out amidst all the whirling snow. Soon the thick floating ice thinned, and the wide blue engulfed her. 

She sailed steadily for days without disturbance except a few times by the whining underwater of schools of patagonian tooth fish and the wind in her sails. She anticipated another great storm, but it did not come. North she went, with naught but blue on the horizon. Then one night she decided on a whim to go above cup to watch the stars and contemplate. As she stood at the top of her ladder and looked up she saw something so truly magnificent, so unlike anything she had ever seen it took her breath away and more. 

Above her -
ribbons of light across the sky,
like dye diffusing in a basin -
the night was alive,
and the stars were singing...
aurora australis she whispered. 

**Check back in a week for the next, and FINAL, instalment of Miss Mavis' exploits to Antarctica**

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