dans le jardin II

Can it really be three whole weeks since my update on our wee garden? We've had a good deal of summer rain so everything is looking lush and a tad overgrown. Oh handsome man of the house we need you back with your green thumbs and weeding ways....

So the tomatoes have gone crazy in the hanging pots and I spy flower buds all over, the hydrangea is well and truly blooming, as are the mystery pink flowers and the marigolds; snowpeas are still being picked and eaten, green beans almost ready; cucumbers and beetroots are growing oh so slow and steadily; sweet peas are climbing and garden peas have sprouted; so has the lettuce, chives, parsley and basil; we continue to gather rocks and tiles and broken china for our garden path; and eat those healthy dandelions in salad too. Oo la la! a growing garden makes one smile!

Tell me - how is your garden coming along?