three months

(each month, noting the precious little happenings, moments, milestones)
You are three months old my bonny son, and no longer a newborn
You are such a funny, happy little boy
You smile so wide and have begun to chuckle, especially in your sleep
You look so grown up at times, and so babylike at others
You have deliciously chubby hands and legs
You like to pull away from breast-feeding to look up at me
You try to sing along when we're singing lullabies, hymns and rhymes
You find the squeaky giraffe perplexing
You still don't much enjoy coming out of a warm bath
You like to grip anything you can get your fingers round
You especially love getting your fingers in your mouth, bib, or my hair
When we're eating sometimes you begin to suck your fingers really loudly as if you're trying to join in,
You've visited a Tim Burton exhibition
You've had your first vaccinations
You can kick your legs wildly
You hair is really thinning out on top
You love being held so that you can see out at the world
You snuggle into my shoulder when your sleepy
You smile at us when you wake up
Your the best cooking companion, little bedfellow, baby boy. We love you so...