a spring top

So this is my first attempt at sewing a top. I followed the simple and elegant wiksten pattern and used the 3/4 yard remains of this lightweight cotton gauze sprigged with clovers. Its not perfect but its a good first go; it feels soft and comfortable and spring-like. And I can nurse in it (which is the prerequisite of all clothing these days). I feel it may be the first of many...

happy day to you! 

p.s. I confess I haven't had a hair cut for about a year - since we left Australia - which would account for its long unruly ways. Partly because I miss my beloved hairdresser of seven years (hello, dear Claire!) and partly because I'm scared to go to a French one with my basic conversing skills. Hmm, what should I do? Keep growing it out long or cut it all off again!