Spring eating

as the weather continues to warm up we attempt to take our meals outside; crossed-legged on the sun drenched path, reclining on the green garden chairs or sprawling (with baby Reu) on our little strip of grass. our spring favourites include paella, manoush with homemade hummus, carrot and beetroot dips, vietnamese pho soup with lots of fresh lime and bean sprouts, salad with goat's cheese and crisp pear slices, pasta with lemon zest, rocket and smoked salmon or bacon with sauteed zucchini and eggplant, and anything with asparagus and fresh basil!

warm weather also allows for the growing of a sturdy sourdough starter, and aids the rising of ridiculously delicious (but not so good-looking) sticky apple and cinnamon buns, a rhubarb and almond topped brioche, and a wholesome cob of rye, multigrain sourdough...

I wonder, what have you been making and eating of late, and where are you eating it?