Exploits of Miss Mavis VIII: Birthday

It was nearing the end of Miss M's stay with her Norwegian friends at the highly unusual and inviting Antarctic research station Is Droning. Since her arrival Mavis had accompanied the team on an expedition of lichen, explored a penguin colony and crocheted tasteful furnishings for the station common room. She felt a twinge of sadness that she couldn't stay longer in this cold and curious place. That said, Miss M was keen to sail back home and potter in her overgrown garden; feel the warm sun on her toes once again. Tomorrow she would be leaving, but today she was in Antarctica - and it was a good thing too. For it was the day she turned forty-seven!
The team planned a grand celebration in honour of her birthday. They erected a striped velevet tent outside and Bridgit bustled around inside filling it with paper snowflake garlands, pillows and cosy woollen throws. They all sang "gratulerer med dagen" (which is happy birthday in Norwegian), and they showered her with kind words, gifts and games.

Tord led the team through a game of "fishing" where one uses a rod with a hook and string to catch a bobbing popsicle in a circling of icy water. Lisbet crafted for Mavis a silver snowflake with a dainty chain and Olaf gave her a small hand bound book entitled “Ode to Adventure” which he had written especially for her. Svent played the birthday song on the fiddle and Helga made a sumptuous afternoon tea of cucumber sandwiches, salmon gravalax, mushroom pies, honey toast, cloudberry tart, vanilla rice pudding, warm frothy milk, and best of all a magnificent cake fashioned from the softest, powdery white snow.

Each piece of snow cake was drizzled with Helga’s very own elderflower syrup and was to Mavis’s tongue the very taste of birthdays and wintry bliss.

Later that night after all the frivolities were over, a very full and content Miss Mavis tucked herself up in bed and began to read her birthday ode...

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