Spring brings fresh hopes, buds and blooms

Eat from our garden.
Picnic as a family of three.
Get back into reading aloud.
Listen to thoughtful podcasts.
Bring fresh flowers inside.
Write a letter.
Wear skirts.
Try new recipes.
Stretch every day.
Contemplate the psalms.
Write a poem as often as I can.
Kiss my boys' cheeks as often as I can.
Embrace the calm, slowness, quiet of some days.
Accept the noise, restlessness, bustle of some nights.
Muster the courage (and french) to talk to my neighbour.
Sing-a-long to music that lifts my soul.
Learn to braid my growing hair.
Explore our neighbourhood.
Draw with pen and ink.
Invite people for meals.
Voice thanksgiving.
Soak in sunshine.
Turn 23.