some woolly thoughts

I believe it was almost one year ago I decided to give knitting a real "go" after years of preferring the crochet hook (and secretly feeling quite scared at the prospect of using knitting needles). I have since attempted and completed two sweaters, a cardigan and found myself quite a changed woman on the subject - knitting may (for me) be slower, use more yarn, and involve a lot of undoing and redoing but is does feel so good, so fresh for the fingers!

A few weeks before Reuben was born I started on this sleeping sack or "kicking bag" to keep him warm from the waist down... the pattern is a free ravelry download and was such a joy to decipher and complete. the yarn is a beautifully silk/wool 4-ply blend from quince & co in the colour way "buoy" but it seems more like "dijon mustard" to me! this afternoon I finally got a moment to capture the finished sack on the wee boy, who seems to be growing bigger by the second. that and baby yawns make my heart sing...

In other news we're off to the alps tomorrow morning for a week -
they'll be work and rest
lots of walks, fresh air,
spring buds -
and perhaps
if we're lucky
some falling snow.

be well and stay warm