dearest little'un

dearest reuben,
you are my little one. today marks a whole week since we met you in those early hours of the morning. when I was surging with waves of intense force and feeling, kneeling into your papa, your grandma relieving my back with her hands, our midwife close by - the frames were playing softly in the background but I don't remember hearing it. I can remember feeling your head for the first time, and that great lusty cry you gave upon surfacing. the best sound in the world. its a boy, your papa said. and so you are... seven days later we find ourselves overwhelmed with love for you, for all your tiny features, grunts and sighs. i feel my emotions close and raw. day and night mingle together. it seems like centuries ago I carried you in my womb. it is so good to have you here. to meet the you, we already knew so well. my bonny lad, my son; reuben.