recently sewn

as the days draw nearer to our little babe arriving I find myself with surges of nesting - desiring to clean and cosy, make and prepare, craft too. I must add that I also find myself with waves of complete exhaustion and a desire to curl up and sleep. so I do a bit of both.
hooded baby towels - I drafted a very simple design; a square of towel with an extra triangle in one corner to form the hood and hemmed with bias tape around the edges. it was my first time sewing with bias and I am still no expert at getting it to look neat and tidy.
waterproof changing mat - I really swooned when I came across this laminated cotton with shakespeare's sonnet no.18 printed across it. I hemmed a yard of it to a soft flannel linen. I love the versatility of a mat which we can put down anywhere to change babe's bottom (and a read a little poetry while we're at it)
bright bibs - following this wonderful tutorial from purlsoho - i've been making bibs from scraps of cotton and leftover terry towelling. a couple of dear friends are expecting babes too, so it seemed like a good idea to start making some multiples to send over the seas..
and finally, something practical for mama. washable nursing pads - for leaks and let-downs. I used a teacup as a template and cut out as many circles of towel and flannel offcuts as I could manage. I then sandwiched a circle of towel between two pieces of flannel and zigzag stitched around the edge a couple of times.

happiest of weekends to you! what have you got planned?
my dear mum is finally here - so my plans mostly revolve around hugging her tight, curling up on the sofa and making delicious french things to eat...