dearest little'un

hello baby so-nearly-here,
do you know that today is australia day? your papa and I celebrated in true fashion with a steak sandwich complete with beetroot, homemade lamingtons and billy tea. later I ate vegemite toast, listened to nick cave and read you my favourite les murray poem. I look forward to the day we bring you home to the sunburnt country - where the sky is so big and wide, the ocean blue, the air clean, the trees grey, the earth dry. I will take you to the bush, I will show you the steep hills and cityscape, we will cherish the company of our beloved kin, listen to squawking birds, feel salt water on our toes and the warm sun prickle our skin. one day, perhaps, we will take you for a drive - your papa and I - down the winding coast, past the red flame trees and the roadsides laden with lilies - we will take you to a valley that is forever etched in my heart and soul. and maybe we will spy a few kangaroos too.
love m & p