on the first

As you know today is the beginning of December. It is the first time in my twenty-two or so years that Christmas will be outside of Australia and faraway from kin. alex and I are determined to make it a special, reflective and celebratory time for our little family nonetheless.

growing up I relished our annual advent calendar - a tree shape filled of boxes made of sturdy card - in which my mum (and later we children) put messages, verses, sweets and planned adventures for the 24 days leading up to Christmas. Sometimes it was things like "I love you" and a little candy waited for each of us, or a planned outing like "trip to the beach" or an instruction like "there are ripe sugar plums waiting in the fridge"...

I wanted to continue the tradition - so this year I made 24 little envelopes out of old wrapping, book and stationary paper. I strung them up with cotton and pins. I have the task of filling all the odd-numbered days with a message or instruction - Alex has the even. Tonight's was drink spicy chai and write festive cards to friends and kin - and we did, just that.