a quilt for the little'un

my latest crafty project for the little'un is this cheery circle quilt. At first I wasn't sure what quilt design to do - all I knew was that I wanted it to be bright and whimsical, not overly girly or boyish (because we're waiting till birth to know if this loved child is a he or she), and that I could use the relatively small bundle of scraps and offcuts I had with me. I think it was on google that I came across photos of this wonderful quilt - and a tutorial to go with on constructing the circles.

the quilt is quite little - about a metre square. my circles are a bit "unique"- but they are so bright and lovely. The wadding is a second hand cotton blanket my mum sent me and the backing is soft-as-a-lamb cotton flannel a dear friend sent for the babe. So you could say this quilt truly is a mosaic of old and new. I quilted with cotton thread around each circle in simple small stitches. Across the bottom I embroidered a message, accompanied by a few tears and many smiles. truly, I can't wait to watch the babe stretch out and sleep and roll on it...
p.s. alex crafted this little time lapse film of me making the final touches to the message. at the end the baby started kicking, a mark of approval I think!