crochet for the babe

ever since I found out I was carrying this little one I have wanted to crochet wee little things. I have been limited by my very very small yarn stash - you see, I could only fit a few skeins and balls of this and that on the plane here... (all the rest is in a big plastic container back in Australia) I've made do, and so far the babe has little woollen pants made from my leftover cardigan green, a pair of soft booties, and a flat bunny both in organic, undyed Japanese cotton. I particularly like mr flat bunny, alex says he looks like a ghost bunny, but I think he's perfect for shrunching up and chewing - which I'm sure our little one will be very much inclined to do! I've just started on a hexagon shell and ladders baby blanket in a fine silk/wool blend. Now that the weather is getting cooler it is a lovely thing to curl up of a night in bed with the babe and hook a few stitches...

patterns: pants, flat bunny, booties and blanket
yarn: quince & co "osprey", quince & co "tern", pierrot organic cotton