un cardigan pour l'automne

meet sylvia,
she's my new wooly companion this autumn.

made from the delicious quince&co wool (dye colour "lichen") and a straight forward pattern you can download for free here (I modified it to fit a 36" bust and added 1/2 sleeves). all up it took me about two weeks to knit using the hours spent travelling the RER and metro into french school for the past month and while unwinding of an evening. she is so soft, lovely and warm without being too hot on the arms. i found the buttons for about $2 on ebay - they are made of pale green shell. i like the knowledge, also, that Sylvia really is parisian because this is where she has grown up... all she knows are the orchestras of chatelet underground, the streets of saint placide, and the jardin du luxembourg. how extravagant.

do you have any clothing companions for this season?