at our table

One lovely, wonderful thing about being home again is preparing good food for us to eat. Now I'm not saying Polish food isn't good or fresh or plentiful - its just that a diet of bread, dill and boiled potatoes, cabbage salad and pig-related meat products for a few weeks on end doesn't digest the best in my body. That I missed being in the kitchen so much.

Since we've been back home I've been making up for it (and going a little crazy perhaps). I feel its a great blessing to prepare things for us to eat that are nourishing. In past three days we've supped on:

:: ploughman's lunches with raw vegies and fruit, grainy crackers, scottish cheddar and black olive tapenade.

:: glasses of cold tea with fresh lemon verbena leaves

:: homemade granola - recipe found via Soulemama - all I had in the way of seeds/nuts were almonds and hazelnuts but they taste just as delicious.

::hard boiled eggs and tea for breakfast in beautiful blue pottery we brought back from Poland

::red juicy tomatoes - with everything, and by themselves

::fresh parsley and basil and thyme from the garden

::hearty beef cottage or "shepherd's" pie

::homemade pizza with anything and everything (my favourite being beetroot and feta) - using a tasty olive oil dough recipe from Bread & Honey

Tell me, what have you been enjoying at your table of late?