A Hare Named Serena

a few weeks ago we met up with friends who were able to bring a bag of things we left in Australia (because we couldn't physically fit anymore into our suitcases & we were already past our weight limit). They were all art/crafty bits and bobs. It included my beloved girl with a hare named Serena embroidery tin (which actually belongs to my mama) filled exactly the way I left it; with linen, thread, needles, scissors. Is it too melodramatic to say holding this tin in my hands again felt holding a piece of my soul? It did.

And lately I've been threading teapots, as you do. So far I've got an english one, a french one and an arabic one (the letters spell out "shay"; tea) and have no idea what I will do with them. Any suggestions?

I do hope this thursday is treating you well