up the cherry tree

I picked these cherries from our garden. We thought we'd missed them as we were away for work over the weekend - but I climbed up on a ladder and wrestled my way through branches to pick what little red I could. They are quite small (we are told they got a bit stunted with the unusually warm April weather) but delicious all the same. And those red hues! I wish I could wear them as a wreath around my head.
I am very excited to see the fruit emerging on the pear tree and the apple tree too. This is a new experience for me - as the weather in Sydney, Australia doesn't really get cool enough for these kinds of fruits to grow properly.
Alex and I have already been planning and dreaming about what we'll plant in our garden; herbs, cherry tomatoes, tulips, lavender, potatoes and leeks for certain. It is good for the soul to be among soil.

Tell me, what are your plans for the garden this summer/winter? What excites you to see growing?