Paris Proper

last night we had our first outing to Paris city (or as I will now call it "Paris Proper") - you know, the beautiful riverside parts of Paris with all the buildings that have geranium laden windowsills and people busking on the streets and the smell chocolate crepes...

we are living about 25 minutes from the city, we're still technically in "Paris" but we live in a wonderful culturally diverse neighbourhood, some would likely call it "rough", it certainly doesn't come close to the wealth and expense of the grand city but it has so much charm (to me anyway) because it is unapologetically human, and well because of the absence of tourists, it is unapologetically french (and turkish, haitian, algerian, italian)

that said, it did feel so special to be able to take a short train trip into the city,

and of course we had snails and brulee and sorbet,
marveled at the old buildings (with geranium laden window sills)
listened to the conversations of tourists passing by,
planned return trips with with bicycles and a picnic,
romanced about what we're yet to discover -
and watched the dusk sky...
turn into night.