blue wool and brioche

Today was unseasonably cool, and this morning I found myself reaching for something warm and wooly to put on. It just happened to be my only-just-completed second attempt at knitting a garment. I found the free pattern via ravelry - find it here.

The wool is a delicious pure wool blue-blend that I bought 10 balls for $2 at a church thrift store years ago. It was fun making it, especially the diamond neck and I didn't seem to make any noticeable holes/slipped stitches - except that somehow its way too wide in the chest/stomach region. I could unravel it... but I won't. I'm happy to accept I'm a novice knitter and that it can be another round-the-house cosy piece. And it only cost $2.
In other adventures, I've been trying to get out for a walk and mini shop every day. It seems to be the French way of doing things; buying only what you need for the next two or three days - rather than for the next two or three weeks! So far I've found the price of fresh food even a tiny bit cheaper here - that said I am really looking forward to having our own vegetables coming from the garden. I really miss my thyme and sage bush.

Yesterday I went for my second trip to bakery and in my very basic french asked for one whole-grain loaf sliced, 1 brioche and 2 chocolate croissants. Somehow I ended up with 4 brioche and 5 chocolate croissants! I guess I was a bit nevous and kept saying oui. Nethertheless I adore brioche and Alex chocolate croissants. Just not 4 at once. They are very good though...

Happy Weekending lovelies
I hope its a cosy, relaxed one