thoughts on packing

As our leaving date - May 14th - approaches, I've been thinking about how to transport certain things with us. We are allowed two big suitcases full each, hand luggage on the plane and will be sending over a box of books. This really isn't very much at all. And yet I am strangely thrilled at the prospect of living more simply, with less...
Only that Alex and I are artistic-antiquarian-collectors-hoarders-of sorts and so have amassed in our relatively short lives more oddball, obscure, books and art-making materials than most normal people. So aside from the necessary clothing, thermal underwear and rainproof boots, what of our treasures can we actually bring with us?

Here's my list so far:

*a favourite tablecloth, napkins, oven mits, tea cozy
*a favourite apron
*a favourite (and most used) cookbook
*warm sheep skin boots
*favourite tea pot
*favourite loose tea leaves
*jar of vegemite
*handmade quilts
*array of earrings and necklaces
*scarfs and shawls of varying weights and length
*crafting essentials (crochet hooks, knitting needles, embroidery thread, yarn)
*sewing kit
*blue pens
*lightweight artworks for hanging
*handmade calender
*beloved children's books (moomin & little house on the prairie)
*beloved english literature (bronte, austin, eliot)
*book of metaphysical poetry
*little album of wedding polaroids
*photo of each of my dear kin
*arabic books
*shoe box of christmas things
I have been contemplating exactly how I can make what I want to take neat and compact. I remembered the pen roll I made a few years back and decided to make another one for my crochet hooks, knitting needles and markers. I used scraps of fabric I had lying around and linen - it is beautiful to look at, sturdy and definitely compact when all rolled up.

I made this one in blue to giveaway FREE to one of you lovely readers!

To win this tool/brush/pen/crochet hook/knitting needle roll please leave a comment here and tell me if you were leaving for a another country for two years what FIVE things you take with you? You have until Tuesday night the 19th.
Also please take a little gander at my etsy shop I have listed new earrings and a cheery bag just this morning!

Happy Saturday friendlies