Yellow Shine

What a strange day its been,
where the sun plays now you see me now you don't
and it thunders down with rain

It feels like my first real day back home, and alex and I have a HUGE mind-map-list of things to do before we leave for france in six weeks (!) So I've making lots of smaller lists and long lists and short lists and lists about how to write the next list (oh, I confess I do love making a list more than actually doing the things on the list) - then I found myself getting a bit overwhelmed and sullen.

So I decided to find some colour,
a little yellow shine for the soul:
remembering a favourite house I saw while we were away,
(grey roof, white windows, mustard walls)
dressing like said house,
fresh lemon tea,
filling the house with flowers,
water colouring,
a slice of birthday cake,
(caramelized pear and ginger)

And my, how a little colour makes me glad!

So I've decided on a little challenge - every day for the next week I will attempt to enjoy and soothe the soul with a different colour.

Today was yellow,
tomorrow is green,
thursday is blue
friday is red
saturday is quince
sunday is purple
monday is black

it'd be lovely if you wanted to take part too,
it can be what you wear, or what you see, smell, eat, create -

may the colour find you well