adventures in dye

I was sitting outside looking up at mr magnolia
thinking about how nice a shade of green his leaves are -
mottled and olive and sparkling in the sunlight
then I thought about some not-so-loved items of clothing
some discolored in patches,
or just an unappealing colour all over
I came across some fabric dye we had lying around
"olive green"
I love that you really don't know how each fabric will dye
- in this batch all the cotton went a lovely olive shade and the nylon trims went tree green
its like getting a bunch of new clothes,
and I'm left asking myself why have I always overlooked olive green before?
also on the dyeing front,
about eight months ago I cut most of my hair off -
(it wasn't only because I've always wanted to)
but because I wanted to grow my hair out in its natural shade
I've been putting dark rises in it for about six years,
so you could say
my head is finally breathing easy
and I love it.