the stark and the mingling

when alex and I were wooing each other,
we talked of one day having a joint exhibition,
I remember the exact place -
in Alex's old studio at art school,
he would paint while I doodled
in blue on a used drop sheet,
and somehow it worked
my stark contrasts
against his gentle mingling of earth and bone.

so finally we were blessed
with a time
and place to have it -
to marry our art under the same ceiling
where we once married our hearts

It gave me a feeling of such joy,
that the blisters on our fingers from wires and hooks
and the dark circles and the funny mishaps flew away.

Pride in knowing the hands that paint those scapes,
gratitude in seeing my own work celebrated,
thanksgiving for the support of our friends and kin,
joy for the privilege of story telling,
and a hope that this will be one
of many more
of ours.

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