recipes from garden to hearth - violets

I love violets.
I love the smell of them. I love the colour.
I love to eat them raw in a salad, or heat them in milk for a gentle nightcap.
I own violet extract liqueur from france which I have great hopes for
(ice-cream mostly)
When I go walking my eyes scan footpaths and lawns and stone steps
for these precious, lovely purple.
I once wrote a short story about a mysterious violet coloured wind that swept through houses stirring revival.
Ah, violets.

And my recipe for using them this time round is very very simple.

big handful of violets
1 egg white
fine white sugar
clean paint brush (optional)

Wash violets gently in a bowl of cool water. lay out to dry on paper towel. Beat egg white with a fork until lightly frothy. Gently brush or use your (clean) fingers to coat violet petals in egg white. roll in a plate of sugar and leave to dry. When dry store violets in a sealed container or glass jar - use within 4-6 weeks. You can sugar pansies and viola flowers too - use them to decorate cakes, muffins, dainty biscuits (cookies) or take my granny's approach and eat them on their own, shared with a small child.