The backyard green

I have been wanting to take you around our garden for a while now but have been at loss at where to begin - I take photos and within days or weeks the space looks completely different. This is surely a growing beast.
And we love to have it.

I took this photo on the first day we moved in.
So big and Australian and full of promise.
We had one of those clothes lines or "hills hoist" as we call them in the house I was born into. I have great memories of my older siblings swinging on it. I preferred the jacaranda tree. In all the houses I have lived in I have been blessed with opportunity to be in, explore and grow in the garden. Places where I could be as I like best; barefoot and free. Where there is no restrain of imaginative thoughts, where colour is a natural part of being, and you can hear the sounds of the earth. The dearest freshness deep down things.

We are only renting this house and in 3 or 4 months time we will be leaving it. A few people have asked me why we bothered putting in a garden and how it will be a shame leaving it - and I think of course it will be sad leaving it, but why wouldn't you care for and nourish green earth when you have it? And who knows who will come in after us, and enjoy the fresh herbs and colour we put in.
A garden is not just waiting for the elements with dirt and seeds and able hands,
it is a heart-space too.
We re-learn how to grow;
be reliant,
be sturdy,
bud and bloom.