markety goodness

I love sundays
especially for the organic food market held on
addison road, marickville
every week

we buy all our fresh fruit and vegetables, pasta and sometimes cheese and meat for the week here - not only is it cheaper than going to a supermarket but tastes so fresh and delicious.

the fruit and vegetables are all hand-grown in a town out west - they grow heirloom tomatoes, silver beet, apples, potatoes, baby carrots, artichokes, chard, potatoes, sweet corn -

there is also a store that deserves mention all on its own - raggamuffin - where a beautiful brown-eyed lady sells fresh steamed muffins and they truly are the greatest muffins I have ever eaten.

I feel blessed every time I get to eat a steamed muffin,

or rainbow chard, or baby carrots,
or raw corn off the cob -
because its always so delicious, so sweet
and I think of the good earth,
the hands that pulled it up
and brought it in