Some news

Alex and I have an opportunity to live and work in France -
its still in the smoothing out stage,
our plan is to move there in six months
for two years -

We will be going for a short trip in November to get a firmer idea of what it will look like. I am especially excited because we will be flying home via this great land... which is home to some very dear friends of mine - and I may even get to glance upon there faces in person - which is truly the stuff of dreams.

And while I am swept up at the moment in the romance
of being able to start a life abroad
with my husband, learning a new language
(and hopefully using my learnt ones as well)
immersing ourselves in art and faith -

I know I will miss my roots, my family, so much -

So we do appreciate your thoughts and prayers
as to whether this is what we should do at this time.

photos taken on my trip to paris in 2008 with my brother