Something Precious

a year ago today
you surprised me with a small box,
inside it was my favourite little moonstone ring -
a tiny precious thing I once bought for $5
and thought whimsically:
"this is the kind of ring I would want my beloved to give me"
of course at the time this seemed a strange and unlikely notion -
then I met you,
and on August 21st
you took me to a narrow terrace house,
to the upstairs room,
a dark and grungy studio of the local silversmith -
he nodded at you and produced a bag
in which lay my little ring
whose band had broken months before -
and there it lay
on my palm,
no longer broken
but set around the band of your silver ring
inside you engraved "a hope"

you didn't ask me to marry you then -
(that came later when we were on a grassy pyramid)
but I knew one day we would,
and six months later we did.

dearest man,
you give the best surprises,
and you hold the tenderest hopes -
loving you is the best decision I ever made
love your wife x