Explorations in thread

I have always wanted to embroider but never had the time or patience. Embroidering I thought is for gentle people with careful fingers, steady hands and steadfast minds (and I will readily acknowledge that I am not the most careful of crafters). But late yesterday afternoon the desire to embroider took hold of me. So I sat down in the orange grandpa rocking chair and set to work with an old-biscuit tin filled with thread and off cuts Alex brought home from his work of beautiful belgium linen.
So I gave it a go -

(And pricked my fingertips a lot)

But eventually I made three little brooches using running stitch, chain stitch and lazy daisy stitch - which I attached to a felt and safely pin back. I think they look quite sweet even if they are a bit rough around the edges. And they add some colour to dark winter coats and sweaters.

I am excited about becoming more familiar with the medium. And already have dreams of homemade jam labels, sprigging a skirt with tiny rose buds, and mapping a whimsical blue landscape on linen...