some thoughts on flowers

I love the sight and smell of fresh flowers in the house.

They make my feet sing.

They give life to the drabbest desk and the dustiest shelf.

I have always preferred hand-picked flowers over store-bought - not only are they less expensive, they always look and smell nicer.

I love posies of random blooms from our garden and from overgrown fences that hang onto the footpath when I go walking in our neighbourhood.

My favourites are jasmine, clover, violets, gardenias, hydrangeas, nasturtiums, lavender, elderflower, and lambs ears.

When I smell a bunch of clover on my bedside table sometimes I shut my eyes and pretend I'm sleeping in the grass.

I feel so fondly for hand-picked flowers that on the afternoon before our wedding (on the way to our church rehearsal in fact) I picked some blue hydrangeas for the florist to weave into my bunch.

For the next couple of months I've set a challenge for myself to share with you every week the little posies I construct for our home. You can take part too - it doesn't have to be flowers, it can be a posy of leaves, twigs and sticks, moss, lichen, feathers even. Just post a photo and a wee reflection every week.