An Ode to the shimmer season

farewell autumn,
best-loved month of mine

farewell ripening leaves,
red fruits in the garden beds,
paw paw on my tongue -

you have been so beautiful,
golden shimmer-trees,

my soul has shed tears for you

for your crisp wind against my cheeks,
for your rain-washed city streets,

for the year you've framed since last

I unleave with you,
I shed my summer skin,
I grow soft and golden in the afternoon light.

You are so many things to me now,
you are my first months with my husband,
boxes in a new house,
paint on canvas,
free-spirits sailing in teacups,

you are the dawn of new things -
of work in the day,
of dreams in the night

You are shimmering
golden, brown, electric.