Exploits of Miss Mavis VII: Snow Silk

Miss Mavis enjoyed her time at the Antarctic research station the "ice queen" (or in Norwegian "Is Droning")
Every day spent she with the Norwegian team Mavis began to appreciate more and more just how brave they were leaving their homes, their families, their jobs - leaving the familiar - to come and live in such a isolating and unfamiliar landscape. Even though each person had their own research to undertake and skills to develop they went on regular "team expeditions". Mavis was invited on their upcoming expedition "to explore and glean inspiration from antarctic lichen"
Mavis was especially glad as she was a green-thumb and liked anything that grew on or in the earth. Little did she know that the kitchen they would see in Antarctica was unlike anything she'd seen on a tree stump in the forest or on roof tops back home.

After a hearty breakfast of:
one bowl of porridge
two grapefruit halves
two slices of toast with mulberry jam
and a cup and half of earl grey tea

Miss M and the team set out on their lichen expedition. As all good expeditions need a name, Mavis resolved that she would call theirs:
They learnt that lichen grows quite happily in very cold climates, and that some species can take 100 years - sometimes 1000 years - just to grow another 1cm in diameter.
And oh! What extraordinary specimens they stumbled across!

that looked like seaweed and lettuce and and silk ruffles!

When they got back they began working on their own lichen-inspired projects.
Mavis set to work with her samples to construct a mossarium for the station.
Tord used photos he had taken to develop highly-detailed environmental features in a new computer game

Svent put his experiences to song on the bassoon.

Helga baked and decorated lichen-inspired deserts,
Bridgit performed a number of experiments into the medicinal properties of lichen,

And Lisbet crafted beautiful silver jewellery,

And Olaf? Well he began working on a secret project - a special present for Miss Mavis to take home with her - which will all be revealed soon!

**Check back in the coming weeks for the next installment of Miss Mavis' voyage to Antarctica**
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