Exploits of Miss Mavis VI: Meeting the Ice Queen

Not long after Miss Mavis experienced the first patters of snow she arrived at her first destination in Antarctica - a Norwegian research station called "Is Dronning" or the Ice Queen.

As she sailed, or rather sludged, through sheets of broken ice, she felt an incredible sense of excitement in being able to meet up with other souls after lonesome weeks at sea. It wasn't that Mavis didn't like being on her own, quite the contrary, she loved it - but she missed long passionate discussions and the soothing smiles and sighs of contentment a group of people share around a warm stove at the closing of an evening. Oh did she miss a warm stove!

"Is Dronning" had been functioning for a number of decades as a research facility where individuals in various professions could experience life in the coldest place on earth (though it must be said winter weather in Norway could give ANTARCTICA a decent run for its money). Unlike other stations on the continent used exclusively for scientific researchers, Is Dronning accepted anyone who wished to visit - and at various times housed artisans, sociologists, musicians, even hairdressers.
After Mavis tied up her boat she wrapped her scarf up around her ears and walked towards the buildings. As she did this a fur-clad figure came towards her shouting hei vennen velkommen til Antarktis, velkommen velkommen, we have been waiting for you,
Mavis yelled back with a smile.

The mysterious figure turned out to be one of six inhabitants of "Is Dronning"; Olaf Enevoldsen - the station manager - and also a professor in Norse and Celtic mythology. He led her into one of the buildings and began to introduce her to the others:

the two other men; architect Svent Bohler and computer game designer Tord Calland
and the three women; Olaf's wife and doctor Bridgit Enevoldsen, pastry chef Helga Lillegard and silversmith Lisbet Juul.
And Mavis of course you already know - the valiant poet, gardener, 40-something year old sailing to Antarctica for her birthday.

Miss M was tired from her weeks at sea and was so thankful to have her feet once more on solid ground among the company of such unusual and kind-hearted people. For the first thing her Norwegian comrades made her do was take a long hot lavender bath, followed by mugs of ale, and thanks to Svent, they listened to a medley of 60s progressive rock on vinyl by a warm stove...

That night Miss Mavis had one of the best sleeps she ever had; and dreamed of the adventures that awaited her - expeditions to the rarest lichen on earth, and colourful curtains in the sky...

**Check back in the coming weeks for the next installment of Miss Mavis' voyage to Antarctica** 

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