Twenty-One on the First

Hello friends,
Today I turn twenty-one.

This is me, well kind of... its my first attempt at getting my physical features down in pen. I have given myself strange curling lips, and what is meant to be a theatrical cheek but looks more like a bunion! but its a start.

It was been a beautiful, sunny autumn's day
I have been studious,
I have been surprised,
listened to birds,
read poetry,

and I am now listening to the cure on vinyl about to have a family dinner with all my siblings and their partners (which I don't think has ever happened before). I requested two of my mum's best dishes; morroccan chicken with prunes and almonds and for desert a chocolate and raspberry tart. I am getting really hungry just thinking about it...

In the meantime I have done a little birthday rant - I hope you don't mind it being a bit long... I guess being 21 is a good excuse for a bit of relfection!