its the little things

waking up with your best friend beside you,
hearing wind rattle the window frames,
feeling cotton on your toes
smelling cinnamon in your tea,

its the big things

keeping a healthy body,
and a healthy mind,
mapping out our paths
making sense of the world,

its the hard things

sitting very still and listening to a gentle voice,
accepting what we must,
committing to what is true,
trusting and loving and forgiving,

its laid out before me

(on paper, linen cloth, sterling silver, forest-floor)

my life as an unfinished mosaic
or a kaleidoscope spinning,


to look back on,
hold close, and let go,
retry, and begin again -

knowing that in all things I learn to live a little better
a little more humbly, a little more truly.

I learn to live in Him.