Dyeing for the season

Hello Autumn,
its nice to be with you again -
I love your crisp-eyed mornings
and your dusky afternoons,

To further my belief that its better to dye old/faded/badly stained/weird coloured clothes than to let them catch dust or throw them out...

A few years ago I was given a beautiful applique tunic from India. It was a breathtaking coral/orangey colour (see here and here) which I don't really think suited me too well but because I loved its design and it was so comfortable I wore it anyway. It always needed to be hand washed and a few weeks back I put it in a bucket to soak at my mam's place and then promptly forgot about it. When she finally got to it days later she put it in the washing machine (noooooooo) with some dark clothes and it came out with these grey-coloured blotches over it! I was pretty very sorry for myself... then I remembered a packet of black fabric dye I had been saving away for a day when I'd accumulated enough items.

Yesterday was such a day!

Knowing how unpredictable dyeing can be I half-hoped it would come out some strange and usual shade and it did! It is now a delicious plum colour - which I think is much lovelier than the original colour and so fitting for this season.
I put two other items of clothing in the dye pot; a light grey cardigan and a pale pink camisole (which had some discoloured parts) both of which I hadn't worn for years. They came out a lovely purple-ly indigo...

I think these three are now very seasoned for autumn and winter,
very seasoned indeed!

**I bought my dye from here and have always had good results - but always read the instructions carefully; some fibres won't take dye terribly well! F0r another of my dyeing adventure click here**