Birthday Brunch

On Saturday I had a birthday brunch in lieu of my 21st birthday and my love of breakfast. It was so much fun - as all good birthdays are with delicious food and company and a few explosions!
And boy did we have breakfast; breads and jams, muesli, nuts and yogurt, fresh fruit, Jess's Persian eggs with sides of tomato, harsh browns, mushrooms and spinach, Mad's chocolate and banana bread, many pots of tea and juice, and instead of a birthday cake I made blueberry bagels and homemade ricotta.

And for a treat my dad put on one of his infamous science shows, this one he called "Emily's Energy Show" which included making rainbows in cylinders (my favourite) and causing various loud noises and explosions. There were ooohs and ahhhhs and we all kept a safe distance!

I know you can't really get away with making loud banging noises these days (and fair enough too) but dad's science experiments have added some particularly spectacular moments in my twenty-one years alive!