Wedding Morning

Its hard to know where exactly to start in telling you about our wedding day.

It was, in all expressions of the word, beautiful.
After weekends of rain and humidity the weather was bright and sunny, and there was a cool refreshing breeze. I woke up before everyone else and stretched in silence for twenty minutes or so before my friend (and coolest hairdresser alive) Claire rang the door bell. She did her best to make me feel retro by putting my hair up in big rollers (Its always been a desire of mine to learn how to put in rollers properly and do it more often) I requested a soft and wavy 50s look.
There were so many precious moments throughout the morning - like mum making the final adjustments on my dress - she hand-stitched the five yoyos (or "sufflok puffs" for Miss Alice) I made out of the silk taffeta we used for my bodice and underskirt. They were a scream! Particularly the way they started to explode and fall off through the course of the evening!! But for the few hours they did stay on it was totally worth it! My dress itself was precious, not just because of how it felt or looked, what it was made out of, what it represented, or even what it was being worn for, but because it was made so tenderly and so lovingly by my mother. It really deserves a blog post of its own so I'll stop raving now.
There was my curiously insatiable hunger whereby I needed three separate breakfasts (cold porridge, toast with honey and fruit in that order)
And feeling completely calmed and entertained by my glorious sister Madeleine and my dear friends Jess and Sabella.
There was the various pampering, and being able to sit in my favourite spot in the house - on the back patio lounge - and nestle my laptop my knees for a little blogging.

The quiet prayers, nervous smiles,
rumbling tummy, deep breaths,

The final mad rush where we actually realised we didn't have lots of time anymore and needed to get changed and out the door quick smart.
And then there was the ride to the church with my mum and stepdad in a 1957 cream Bentley (the girls got a 1957 Chevrolet). It felt so curious and exhillarating to be driving up familiar roads and stopping at well-known traffic lights, to be heading towards my church; but this time to marry my beloved man.

I held my mother's hand so tight. The tightest I probably ever have. I remember her gentle words, and her giving me a dainty silver ring that she had been given as her first engagement ring years and years ago.

This is one of my favourite portraits from the whole day. My stepdad Philip took it in the brief moments I was standing by the road.

I love the sun on my shoulders, and that I'm framed by the ever-busy King Street and the indie cinema across the road. I love that you can see my whispy and wonderful bouquet comprising my three beloved flora (including the hydrangeas I "picked" from a person's front garden the afternoon before)

More than anything I think it captures how serene and full of love I felt in those moments before I walked inside.