Just Quietly

the day Alex and I got back from our honeymoon we found out the owners of our rental house intended to sell it instead of renew our lease in May. It didn't come as a total shock but it still felt like it couldn't come at a worse time; what with settling into married life, Alex busy finishing off his masters and preparing for an exhibition and me with my last semester of university! It was worse still for our wonderful housemate who had been such a good tenant in the house for so long. Still, we were determined to find something close by. And we did; the first house we applied for we got, and I think its going to be even better (and certainly roomier) that our place now. We'll be moving in early May, till then I am just quietly enjoying aspects of our current abode.

Its usually mid-morning when Alex and Flea are at work,
and I find myself sitting on the back step soaking up sunshine,
studying at the kitchen table,
pottering around in our room -

that I think about all the memories of this house;
all the people who have lived in it,
built it,
renovated it,
loved it.