A Whiff of Whimsy

On Sunday (I wore my purple best)
we held a little gathering of women to celebrate my upcoming nuptials to a beautiful man,
a moment or two to drink iced tea,
eat delicious things,
and dabble in what I love best;
whimsical craft -

I had so many ideas of handmade decorations for the wedding but not enough light or hours in the day to do them! I found all the tutorials online and my sister Lucinda helped me test some of them out in advance.

In one afternoon of whimsy we manged to get a good deal done:
We made 80 or so paper cones out of old music paper
(for nibbles and popped corn at the reception)
And pinwheels (or whirligigs as I prefer) for the children to wave
Cut out felt leaves for leafy garlands to hang around the church
Also cut triangles for a special bunting to hand outside at the reception
My brother (OK, so not ALL women) and his lovely fiance Eldora made big and small paper cranes that will be strung up in garlands
And mum coordinated the making of tissue paper flowering vines and pomanders.
The highlight was really just spending time with ladies I love; debating literature, sharing womanly wisdom, all with busy crafting hands - sigh - it was brilliant and so relaxing.
My sister Maddy made all the delicious food (homemade dips, rice paper rolls, quiche and chicken sandwiches) and I made my favourite cake for desert:
I will be joining hands and hearts with my man in just 18 days,
and I cannot tell you how happy that makes me;
(You should see my smile when I fall asleep)
And while he and I love little details,
and will enjoy stringing up decorations that we and our loved ones have made
its all just icing on a day
that marks the rest of our lives.

p.s. and Kitten wanted you to know she slept in our off cut box.