For the love of the bunt

It is no great secret that I am girl who loves garlands and fabric and when the two meet I am in a perfectly happy place.

I have been busy making buntings for the wedding reception. Both Alex and I loved the idea of hosting our celebratory gathering outdoors and found delightful church grounds to have a picnic. We're really hoping the weather will be fine but there's no knowing what will happen! Still the decorations will be random and whimsical; a variety of paper and fabric decorations, and fairy lights hanging between trees and the marquee. These buntings are really very easy to make and you can whip them up in one sitting:

Step 1 - Starting out -
Choose an array of fabrics (I've used all printed cotton) and make a triangle template out of some cardboard. You can make the triangle as big or as little as you like just keep in mind what will disappear in seams. Cut out plenty of triangles in pairs. Use ribbon or bias tape for the top, you can also make your own bias, but the premade stuff is wonderful.
Step 2 - Make the flags -
Sew up and down the paired triangles (right side of fabric facing each other) with about a 1/4 inch seam, keeping the tops open. Turn flags inside out; I found a paintbrush particularly helpful.
Step 3 - Press and Cut -
Give flags a good pressing and cut away any uneven/shabby looking tops.
Step 4 - Construction -
Choose how far apart you want the flags to hang. I've gone for a 1/2 inch gap. Arrange the flags out over the open bias and carefully pressing as you go pin the flags safe inside the bias. When all flags are pinned sew through bias about a 1/4inch in from the bottom.

And there you have it; easy peasy fabric buntings...

For the wedding I've made two large buntings for outside and one little one to edge the cake table. I love that they use so many beloved fabrics, that they can be easily washed and stored, and will be used again and again in the coming year's markets!